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Pediatric dentistry

Care of milk teeth

The best way to take care of your teeth dairy is prevention. A good oral hygiene and educate children, minimizes the risk of so-called “bottle caries”.

Sealing teeth

Recommended to prevent training of caries, as soon as permanent teeth. It is recommended, in in particular, to prevent caries in the molars.

Functional orthodontics

It aims to reduce or eliminate the skeletal problem in growing patients.

Orthodontic prevention and treatment from an early age

Pediatric Dentistry is focused on the care and oral health of the child.
I always recommend the first visit to all parents from the first years of age. Furthermore, I consider the role played by information and prevention to be very important.
Very often the incorrect habits developed by children in the first years of life and during school age or the musculoskeletal anomalies of the stomatognathic system can lead to permanent damage in adulthood, or to defects that are very difficult to correct.
For this reason, I always recommend an early visit in the early years, combined with periodic check-ups, to intercept these anomalies in time.

Approach to growing patients

The peculiarity of us specialists in paediatric dentistry is not only the specialist preparation for pathology and therapy in childhood until adolescence, but also the psychological approach that we must have towards the patient. The goal of the good pedodontist is not only therapy, but also the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases and the motivation of the little patient. I think the study of growth and the occlusal evaluation of the flawed habits of my patients is very important. For this reason I dedicate a lot of time and attention to it.